Sightseeing in Venice

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apologies for the lack of posting - but we've been in Venice!

It was amazing. This is one of our famous "self portraits" - we have one from every city we visit. We took this in Possagno outside the Tempio Canoviano, a short drive into the countryside outside of Venice. It was incredibly difficult to hold the camera, smile, press the button, and not fall over the edge of the hillside. 

We didn't have the best weather for the four days we were there, but that didn't matter one bit. There was something beautifully eerie about seeing the city covered in mist.

Could you imagine waking up every morning to sights like this? I should think that everyone in Venice is either an artist or a writer. 

... mostly artists, perhaps? This glass sculpture was in a piazza in Murano.

I took 670 photographs in Venice. Most of them are of doors and windows. Oh! the windows. And the colours. And the weathered textures!

And of course, when we weren't walking around the city or catching vaporetti, we were eating gelato. And pizza. And drinking prosecco and espresso and spritz. 

A happy holiday indeed. 

Don't worry - there'll be lots more photos. But, for now, I need to deal with the bazillion work emails that have landed in my email inbox. And, have a hot cup of English Tea.

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