Miss Maggie Rabbit: Alicia Paulson

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have always admired Alicia Paulson's stitching - she has the prettiest little samplers and christmas ornaments, and her photographs are really something special. They make you want to get your stitch on.

And then.

Then, I saw Miss Maggie Rabbit.

She's a fairly new addition to the Posie Gets Cozy family, and she's been featuring in blog posts for the last few weeks. She's completely hand-stitched from whiskers to boots.

She was first available as a kit which you'd have to order all the way from the Americas. Later, she was available as a PDF.

I resisted for a few weeks. I really, really like that bunny's little rosy cheeks.

But then, in the spirit of Easter, I bought a copy of the softie pattern.

$6? To support a blog I really enjoy reading? Fair's fair, I say.

What on earth am I going to do with a 45cm-tall rabbit? We'll find out in a few weeks once all of the felt bits and threads and whatnots arrive.

By the by, if you're in the UK and you want to buy the National Nonwovens wool-blend felt in color #WCF2612 Sandstone and #TOY2616 Havana Gold, you don't have to order it from the USA. The lovely folks at The Eternal Maker have it in stock, for sale in 10cm increments.

I know, I hunted.

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