Wednesday WIP: Garden Party Quilt

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So, I've been quilting. I know I'm supposed to have progressed on my Moroccan Cushion, but I got distracted.

This is my Garden Party Quilt - the project that inspired me to start patchwork and quilting. It is a reminder of the happy moments shared at our "Garden Party" wedding; the appliqué blocks are some of the most special moments from our wedding, and the fabrics are all a part of our colour scheme. I have loved working on this, and watching it grow from an idea into something tangible.

I've learnt new techniques and made new friends thanks to this quilt. I've discovered that I really, really love patchwork. And florals. Unexpectedly.

And, it's turning out exactly the way I had envisioned it. That's deeply satisfying.

This is more or less what I had in mind. You have to use your imagination here, dear readers. It's a disappearing nine-patch quilt in two separate sections. The top section is 6 x 6 blocks, and the bottom is 3 x 6. In the middle are a set of windmills (pinwheel blocks). There is going to be a white border around the separate sections, and I'm going to bind it with patterned fabric.

I had initially thought that I might border each block with a simple 2.5" strip border. I think it might be too busy.

Here are my fabric choices. This is a pretty floral pattern - but perhaps too light and washed out for this colourful project?

This is a bold green border which fits in well with the colours and makes it a bit more modern than the "old fashioned" option above.

This is another option: off-white fabric with a ditsy purple floral pattern.

I can't make up my mind. I love the darker green border which I might use for the binding. While choosing fabrics, I thought that the purple was perfect and bought a generous 2 metres of it... that could make for good binding too!

I'm leaning towards leaving off the block borders altogether, doing some really pretty white quilting in the large white panels, and finishing it off with binding in the darker green. Thank goodness it is a bank holiday weekend coming up: there's going to be a lot of cutting, sewing, patching, nipping, pressing and steaming in my immediate future!

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