Wednesday WIP: Garden Party Quilt

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Every possible Photoshop Gene in my body is telling me to edit these photos before I post them - or at least, to wait for a bit of sun so I can re-take the pics. Every "show off" sensibility is telling me not to share this week's Wednesday WIP. But you know what? The point is that these are works in progress so they don't look perfect. And yes, they desperately need a good iron.

Okay. Disclaimer done.

Thank goodness for Bank Holidays. They give you a bit of breathing space; a time to play catch-up when you've been otherwise caught up in work, committees, events and preparations for Mother-in-Law-Month.

And, quilting.

I have finally finished my Garden Party Quilt top. It desperately needs an iron, but there you go. I dashed off outside in between deadlines this morning to grab a quick photo. The clouds were congregating, the sky was gloomy and the light was bad. Somebody nicked our washing line. Is that possible in England? I think it may have something to do with acrobatic foxes that have been frequenting our little patch of London lately.

And so, the quilt had to be displayed on our wall of fairy lights - it was the only place with hanging potential. 

I know. We have a wall of fairy lights.

This week I plan to weed out the loose threads, give it all a good iron, and eventually get around to cutting out the binding and the backing fabric. I ordered wadding and quilting cotton which should arrive by the weekend (hold thumbs, except when sewing) so it should all come together quite nicely.

Surprisingly, it has all ended up being quite a lot larger than I had anticipated. It has grown from a comfy single size to a generous queen size. I would really like to quilt it all by hand, but I'm not sure I have the stamina or attention span for an undertaking of that size! I may end up with hand-quilted borders and machine quilted blocks. Does that make me a bad quilter? 

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