Light and Up: a new knitty project

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I know, I know.

A new project.

But, you see. My Charcoal Holden Shawlette is blocked and ready to go to its new home.

And I'm having some serious knitting lace withdrawals.

What else can I do on the trains? What else can I do when I'm early for meetings?

It's the most sensible option, you see. The best use of time. No argument, really.

I've taken out another skein of treasure yarn from my stash. It's a bizarre blend of greens, purples, pinks and peach. Araucania Ranco Multy, 4ply sock-yarn. 

It makes me think of heathery moors, although I'm not sure what the peach is doing there. We shall see. The Light and Up Shawl Pattern is another one-skein-wonder from Ravelry (free pattern download, from here). It has a really simple yarn-over eyelet pattern repeated in four-row blocks - and, it has tassels. I know. I'm looking forward to those most of all. 

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  1. The finished shawlette is beautiful and I love the new thread choice! Can't wait to see the new design come to life.


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