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Monday, November 25, 2013

This weekend, I had a bit of a catch up. I had Saturday all to myself, so I disconnected the internet and finished blocking the Charcoal Holden Shawlette.

Blocking is really satisfying. I do it old school, by arranging the garment in the desired shape/ dimensions, and then pinning it in place and spraying it with water. Once dry, it's blocked. You can also use a steam iron, but I find that the "old school" method helps the fibres to relax more and they stay like that indefinitely, perfect for a picot binding or lace detail. The steam iron is good for straightening out jumpers, or shaped knits, and rolling hems.

I also finished off this little knitted lamb (pattern available on Ravelry, for free) and sewed him all together. I embroidered his eyes as this is meant for a baby, and safety eyes are a no-go for very little people. I knitted it using Sirdar Snowflake DK which is super soft and fluffy - you can't even tell that it is knitted fabric. The face and feet are all knitted in scrap Tivoli Tweed yarn I had leftover from a previous project. Cute.

And what would a catch-up Saturday be without a bit of baking? I baked jam buns from a good old fashioned 1950s Good Housekeeping recipe.

Jam Buns, before they went into the oven. Unfortunately, the kettle was on when they came out. Ahem. And then they seem to just disappear out of the jar. There are elves, I'm sure of it. I'll make another batch this week and post an after photo.

I also made honeycomb (hokey pokey) using Nigella's recipe which I'm really impressed with; who knew it could be so easy?

It suddenly hit me this morning that the Christmas market is next week AND I haven't finished my making. Also, family is visiting this week, I have a million things that need to go in the oven for the eight people I'm having over on Friday to celebrate Chanukah, and I completely forgot that it is my wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Oh dear.

Thank goodness for positive thinking and an endless supply of tea.

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