Gratitude Journal, Day Twenty Nine

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Today I am grateful for things to look forward to.

It has been a hard day - a hard month! - and it's the little things that make all the difference. 

Biscuits, straight out of the oven. Mary Berry's infallible oat biscuit recipe which, I discovered yesterday, work just as well with honey instead of syrup. Hot bubble baths at the end of the day, just before bed. 

Two nights off in a row, with no social commitments. Rare, but treasured. Instead, I enjoy pleasant, long evenings in front of the sewing machine, lazily stitching along for a special occasion. Hot brewed tea in a teapot. Piles of yarn spilling over onto my sewing machine, waiting to be transformed into something special. I ought to tidy them up, but for now, I rather like how they all jumble around and demand attention. 

Two lovely projects that are the same, but different. In photos, in progress. They should be done this week, but the recipients won't mind too much if they're a bit late. Things to look forward to.

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