Wednesday WIP: Garden Party Quilt (& Mums)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

True story.

After all that waiting, after all that suspense

The quilt wadding finally arrived.

I know it looks snuggly and wonderfully warm. But, can you believe it, in my excitement and enthusiasm: I ordered the wrong loft. Yessum. This winter quilt is a measly 2mm thick. 

The threads that I ordered with the quilt wadding are perfect. I'm enjoying just looking at them, for now, and deciding which one is going to be used where because there sure isn't going to be any actual quilting with only 2mm of wadding happening here.

By the by, I'm going to quilt straight lines around the blocks in the middle of the quilt, with a floral motif in the larger blocks, and a floral border around the white areas. I may use colour-on-colour, and white-on-white, but who knows where the spur of the quilting moment might take me? 

Okay, there is an upside to the wadding-that-failed-to-impress. A teeny glimmer of hope to this uncrafty Wednesday Work In Progress update.

This disastrous I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it wadding arrived on Thursday. My wonderfully supportive and encouraging husband urged me to replace it with a new, loftier loft version of the wadding. "Besides," he added, "it always helps to have spare wadding, doesn't it?"

He's my very own Handmade Ryan Gosling, this guy. 

So, amazingly, the replacement wadding (ordered from somewhere completely different) arrived on Saturday morning. It's a 1/4" thick, and it's perfect. 

But, as you already know, my Saturday was rather busy, and was taken up entirely by scones and EEWI so there wasn't a sewing machine in sight. And Sunday. Oh, Sunday.

Sunday was the day of the much-awaited Mother-in-Law arrival at Heathrow Airport at 6am. We were there early, we were excited, we didn't care that it took an hour and a bit to drive there. From Heathrow to Oxford and on to Farringdon: we met up with the rest of the Clan and enjoyed a hearty catch-up as we pub-hopped, drank wine, ate pub snacks, and enjoyed fruit scones. 

Luckily for us, our Monday was spent in much the same way - but with more shopping, more "sightseeing" and a good dose of cheery family fun.

As we walked around the village of Farringdon, admiring the doors and the fabulous architecture, I noticed these cheeky pink pigeons nesting in the window above the Market Restaurant. Aren't they wonderful?

I digress.

This weekend we're off again to family events and visits, so alack! no quilting in the near future. I have, however, ordered some embroidery thread so I have a new portable project which can travel North with me.

There's going to be a lot of blue stitchery happening at Bakercourt, it seems. I'm not sure about the red, but let's see where this takes us. Counted cross-stitch might be more time consuming and, erm, frustrating - but you do have the luxury of changing colours on a whim should you not feel terribly inclined to the rhubarb red scallop trim on your hot air balloon.

Watch this space: next Wednesday WIP is going to be flying high with blue beams and a hot air balloon!

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  1. "The wadding-that-failed-to-impress".

    "inclined to the rhubarb red scallop trim on your hot air balloon".

    "I have, however, ordered some embroidery thread so I have a new portable project which can travel North with me." - expeditious. Imagine what Christopher Columbus could have done.

    Somethings deserve second mentions.

  2. I can hardly believe it. After that long wait too! Have you used your discount from the Village Haberdashery yet?

  3. @Lauriane: Well, when you put it like that - I sound like a Mad Hatter! Ha.

    @Colleen: I haven't used the discount yet - going to get on it this weekend (after pay day!). :)


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