Let them eat scones!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's something quintessentially British about tea and scones. Or, Sc-oh!-nes, as they say here. I've always had a bit of an aversion to scones and cream with jam, but I love savoury scones. Especially when they're made with cheese.

So, this weekend, the East End WI ladies served cream teas at the St Barnabas Community Fete. We baked, kneaded, rubbed butter, blended and perfectly cut 6cm scones to sell on the day.

This is St. Barnabas. I arrived very early, so I stopped outside the church to admire the geometrics. Then, suddenly, a moment happened: a lady driving a leopard-print VW bug pulled up to the robots and started applying her make-up in the rear-view mirror. 

The massively busy roads suddenly went still and quiet, and everyone stopped to stare at this lady in the leopard bug just for a moment before it all picked up again and went chaotically busy.

Just for a moment.

And then, I helped carry all of the very-very-heavy containers of EEWI goodies out of the church and across the road to the fete. I couldn't believe how heavy everything was - urns, juice, water, buckets, plates, cleaning utensils, cups, signs, bunting, tablecloths, cake stands - I have so many bruises after that!

But it was all worth it. The stall was lovely, the fete was lovely, and best of all: there were savoury scones and fruit scones, tall scones and little scones. And, some lovely EEWI ladies serving your choice of scone with cream and jam, or cream cheese and chutney. What's not to like?

Here are my savoury contributions: pumpkin and parmesan scones. Yum! I really like this recipe (recipe in a previous blog post, here) and they seldom last a day in our house. They're especially good served hot out of the oven with a good helping of Lurpak.

There were lots of delicious goodies arriving throughout the day - with biscuits for those who aren't scone people. All butter oat and fruit crunchies, anyone? Yum.

We also sold some of the fabulous screen-printed EEWI bags. Some of them are really beautiful, and they're so cheery in their Indian Summer colours.

After serving scones all day, the only thing I wanted when I got home was a fruit scone. So, against all the odds, I whipped up a batch of delicious fruit scones to take with to Granny's for the weekend.

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