It's tea time! ... and, the last day of summer.

Monday, September 03, 2012

I got all caught up in the Paralympics and other goings-on that I completely forgot to share with you the last official summery day here in London Town!

As it just so happened, we were invited to a Tea Party on said day.

... and what is a tea party without cake? What a spread! Scones, muffins, fruit cake, coffee cake, almond cake, chocolate cake, sandwiches, fruit, and more.

I say "and more" because I was somewhat distracted from the rest of the cakes by this piece de resistance! What a spectacular triple chocolate cake of greatness. We took home a slice to share (all legit, like. We got a piece to go).

I don't know what's more impressive: the delicious fruit cake, or the pretty doily-style cake stand. Mm.

Cake and Almonds, Oh My! With a lot of patience and a healthy supply of nuts, that centre blossom could turn into a bunch of chrysanthemums.

I think you should forgive me for making floral comparisons: look at that garden. That's the first thing I saw when I walked in, so you can imagine what was on my mind. I know. I couldn't contain my garden-geek-excitement either. Monty Don, eat your heart out.

I don't know a lot about gardening (I like to sit in them more than I like to, uh, make them) ... but I do know that some of these flowers are suspiciously successful at blooming all-year round.

... another one of those annual bloomers. My kind of garden!

The colours that you find in an English Garden like this could inspire a range of crafty goodness. Just look at that balance of pinks and greens!

Add to that a healthy balance of sage green, cheery sunshine yellow and a deep, inviting maroon and you have a winning combination of colour goodness.

Okay, I'm almost done here. Just a few more pictures of summer, okay?


Garden squee! I will save you from the thousands of photos I took of Miriam's fabulous veg patch. Let's just say, she doesn't need to order a weekly veg box. Nosirree.

Other areas of the garden included the piggery (!), the beehive (with real bees, I Kid You Not), the Giant Man Shed (filled with China), King Arthur's Grave, a pond, a greenhouse and let's not forget, statues of maidens.

I am so grateful that this is where we got to spend our last day of summer. The skies are now slightly greyed-over and there is a definite chill in the air. I am - as I type - wearing socks. Socks!

This is the kind of garden that inspired my Garden Party Quilt (okay, yes, and the garden where we had our wedding). I can't wait to snuggle up under the greens, yellows and pinks of my own piece of summer... now, if only the Cotton Patch would deliver my quilt wadding... Huff. 8 days of waiting and counting.

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