Yalla! And a minimalist wallet

Friday, March 12, 2021

Time is flying so quickly now that schools have gone back. I feel like you blink and the days just disappear! There's so much running around to do - wash school uniforms, make school lunches, fill waterbottles, drop kids off, tidy up, squeeze in work for a few hours, pick kids up, make food, repeat! I spend a lot of time telling the children to go! After being still for so long during lockdown with curfew restritions, it feels quite liberating. 

I've been trying to make time every day for me in all of this craziness, even if it is just half an hour, so I've been getting through my backlog of unifinished projects and have even started a few new ones. I've really appreciated a slow and happy little bit of time to punctuate all the hurry, it is my happy place.

The Noodlehead Minimalist Wallet (Paid Pattern Here) has been on my to-do list forever; I really like the mini size wallet, it is perfect for grabbing on the way out the door (especially here, where you must carry your Emirates ID with you when you leave the house) without having to take a whole bag. 

See how dinky it is? Perfect! It fits in a pocket or a tiny bag. 

On the back, I added a bit of fun embroidery. Yalla is a wonderful word you hear a lot here in Abu Dhabi and no doubt across all the emirates. It means go and get a move on and let's go all at once. Yalla kids, school time! Yalla, we're going for a walk. Yalla, let's go to the beach. I especially love that yalla is a word of possibility. Yalla, it's time to go on an adventure.

The inside has a slip pouch in the front which fits a card or two very comfortably, a zip pouch in the middle for coins, and a pocket behind the zip pouch for notes or extra cards. That's it. It folds down, snaps close, and done. Yalla! The whole wallet took about an hour to put together, which included trying to make heads or tails of the instructions. In the end, I watched a youtube video of someone sewing it up and then it all suddenly clicked together and I made it easily. I used a combination of hot pink and dark denim, which is my go-to at the moment, and a tiny bit of cork for the flap. And I am so glad that I brought my KAM snap setter with me when we moved over! It seems to be getting a lot of use. 

Overall, the pattern came together well and has been made so many times by so many people online that it wasn't hard to find ideas, inspiration and a bit of help when I needed it. I'd make it again, especially for gifts. 

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