Oreo Millionaires

Monday, March 15, 2021

Sometimes it is really difficult being so far away from friends and family, but I'm ever so grateful for technology which helps to bring us a bit closer. Whatsapp and zoom calls are amazing and have become part of the norm, especially during covid. 

Sadie, in England, sent me a picture she had taken of her own oreo millionaires that she'd bought from a local baker. They were delicious-looking, but a bit grey on top instead of a rich chocolate colour, and overall a bit disappointing, she said, because they smelled of the paper they were wrapped in. Still, they looked amazing and I wondered if we could easily find a recipe online to replicate these little morsels of oreo yumminess here in Abu Dhabi. 

In short - yes, you can find just about anything on the internet. There's a really scrumptious and easy recipe over on Jane's Patisserie blog (here) which is everything an oreo millionaire should be. 

Here they are. They didn't take too long to make, although they used a lot of oreos and butter (as I'm sure you can imagine). They were absolutely delicious of course, and didn't last very long. I packed some into a tub with the recipe to share with a friend here in Abu Dhabi, and then sent the recipe along with the photos to my mom and aunt in South Africa so they could try it, too. 

Isn't it amazing that an idea that starts in the snowy east of England can make its way to the deserts of Abu Dhabi and settle eventually in the warmth of the Cape all the way at the furthest tip of Africa? It is like magic!

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