Toddler makes

Sunday, December 17, 2017

As the year draws to a close, the days are so much shorter and the nights are starting mid-afternoon. It's cold, so we spend a lot more time indoors and around the dining room table, painting, glittering, making playdough shapes (it's a cookie, mummy, for you. There's a candle, can you see?).

Everything, it seems, is glittery. Every tiny piece of glitter is a treasure, scooped up and carefully placed just where it should be. Turned this way and that to make it shimmer.

We've done potato printing for teacher cards. I'm amazed at how much control Isla has with the potato printing - she goes so quickly, but each one turns out just like it ought to.

Just add googly eyes for instant laughter. We played with the cards for some time before putting them into their little envelopes and sending them out to teachers. 

We've made a lot of playdough. The home-made version lasts so much longer, and doesn't go hard straight away when you forget to pack it away overnight (or find it in clumps hidden inside lego blocks, shoes, floorboards...).

We've made Christmas chocolates. The sprinkles, I'm told, are the best bit. Just a few more, mummy.

These are magical times. Cold wintery days spent indoors, appreciating family and warmth and how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads. Appreciative of togetherness and happiness. Appreciative of so many things to make and do, to make the days pass as easily as they do in summer. 

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