Thank you!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thank you so much for your messages, emails, and more. Surgery went as well as expected, and I'm very grateful to be home now and recovering. There's not as much resting as I'd like, but I have my two little ones running circles around me as I move through the day.

I'm filled with appreciation after receiving lovely flowers through the post from the furthest corners of the globe from friends afar, cards enthusing get well and thinking of you (and the glitter! Glitter makes everyone feel better, doesn't it?) and even a huggable monster pillow with the biggest googly eyes I've ever seen.

Thank you all, for your thoughts and kindness. I've been keeping myself very busy - with soap, recovery, craft, yarn and exploring Essex (!) and finding all of the lovely things on our new doorstep. I've got a lot to show you. And, it might even be summer soon. Here's hoping. x

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