Pillowfort Playdate

Monday, March 13, 2017

There's a science to building a pillowfort. Who knew? Try telling that to a couple of 2-year-olds and a baby who think that pillows are for hugging and squishing and fake-snoring on. We did more-or-less follow the instructions - opting for a table support when the chairs didn't work, and replacing the zillion pillows with all sorts of puffy poofy things sourced from around the house. There was sheeting and pegs, bunting and pom poms. And fairy lights.

No mama, it's sleeping time. No Finnlay, you can't come in. Our tent. Isla has become quite a bossy boots lately, and it's marvellous. She articulates so well, and has an expanded and impressive vocabulary that makes me laugh every day. Her brother does not approve of being left out of the playdate pillowfort though. He stole the fairy lights and made a dash for the stairs - his most favourite destination which he knows will pull mama out from any activity to run after him. 

Want to build your own historically-accurate and over-pillowfied playfort? Click here for Wayfair's instructions with an explanatory video of greatness. It's totally acceptable to replace the pillows with stuffed toys, methinks.

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