Snowballs in Spring

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We're still finding our rhythm here - new baby, new routines, new rooms, new garden, new oven. I've been getting to know the oven's quirks; it is a gas oven, which is new for me. It makes the most extraordinarily delicious roast potatoes. The top shelf bakes brilliantly, but the bottom shelf barely gets any heat. Not ideal for large cupcake baking marathons.

I've tried out some of my go-to recipes: banana bread, chocolate cake.
And these: snowballs.

Snowballs are coconut-covered balls of pink deliciousness. A proper South African treat. I use this recipe (link) which is ridiculously easy and takes less than half an hour. They're Dad's favourite, so I made him a batch for Father's Day this past weekend. It's such an unusual recipe: a somewhat scone-like mixtured, baked into soft sponge rounds, and then sandwiched with jam. They're then dipped in jam syrup and rolled in pink coconut. It must be pink!

Very quick and easy to make, even when a toddler is "helping" you in the kitchen. Once done, I cut them in half (they're hardly dainty morsels at around 3.5inches across) and serve them with tea. Dad has two at once. I've thought about making them smaller but I suspect you'd lose that lovely spongey texture inside.

And so, snowballs in spring. They are such a summery and bright treat with their pink coats, they almost seem to be an essential (visual and delicious) part of lazy weekend snacking while the sun shines - or, to brighten things up with a pot of tea while the rain pours.

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