Sunday, May 08, 2016

A room with a view, visiting the hospital.
Waiting, waiting. Baby is officially due this week, and every day he doesn't arrive is another day that surprises me. I was in hospital last week overnight thanks to an awful virus that left us both dehydrated and under the weather, but after a series of drips and tests and investigations and other prods and pokes, we were sent home to recover. See you next week, they said. Optimistic.

And so, we continue to wait. I'm spending very little time online which is rather wonderful. Every day brings new games and playtime with little Isla who has grown up into a spectacular little girl, full of personality, affection and contagious laughter.

It is really hard work running after a toddler when you can barely stand because of the most-enormous-and-pointy-out-baby-filled-tummy, but she has developed a lot of patience and imagination which helps make things easier. We dress up her teddy bears, read hundreds of books, go for slow walks and have toy tea time. I love this.

She has also rather enjoying the packing. We have to move house within the next four weeks and so have been slowly packing up all of our belongings and labelling boxes. She loves bubble wrap and packaging tape best of all, and has been colouring in on the outside of the boxes to help point them in the right direction. We haven't yet confirmed where exactly we'll be moving to but, hopefully, it will all fall into place soon.

So, we wait. Every day brings new games and beautiful sunshine (thank goodness), as well as less activity and mobility than the day before. The baby is fast running out of space and I'm sure will make an appearance soon. There is a lot of tea.

I'll be sure to update you soon with any news.
Until then.

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