Time for reflection, and socks.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Time has sped since we returned from our trip to South Africa. We've had visitors, we've all been sick with some 'flu or virus or another, and the days are rolling by into shorter and shorter burst of sunshine. Lots of scarves, slippers, pots of cosied-tea.

For a time, we were all sick, and spent our nights huddled under a blanket on the sofa. All three of us, sniffling and snuffling with the healing powers of Olbas oil wedged under our noses. Sometimes waking, sometimes taking turns to sleep. That hazy week (two weeks? more?) had no definite beginning nor end, although we seem to have unbundled and made our way out into the world a bit. Isla started nursery, we're back at work.

And, I've knitted. Just a bit. You know, to remind my fingers how they work when not emailing / designing / other work-y action. I have tiny moments of reflection late at night after baby has had a bath and gone to bed, after supper has been prepared, eaten, plates packed away. Sometimes these tiny moments are filled with tea, or with plans. And sometimes, they're filled with yarn.

I bought this yarn from an enormous yarn shop in Cape Town. Two balls. So far, have knit knit knitted one ball up into two lovely socks using my very favourite sock pattern (here). 

Sock knitting is oh-so-gratuitous. You get a whole, finished item in just a few short knitting hours, and much of it can be done without paying too much attention. Just in case you happen to be watching The Great British Bake Off on TV before turning a heel.

Socks, not for me. He chose the yarn for himself, and is a happy recipient of warm woolly toes at winter time. This is a self-striping hand-painted yarn which is quite cheerful, and lovely to knit with. I did one at a time, on two circular needles.

I really, really like that they stripe in different places and that they're quite clearly a pair, although they don't quite match. There's enough yarn left over for another sock - maybe one to match the leftover yarn from the next pair? Baby socks? Raveled here.

Baby's birthday in a few weeks; I've planned a few special home-made gifts and some other light-up-noise-making-plastic-goodies too. A good balance, with added cake. I can hardly believe that she is suddenly turning one!

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