Happy Birthday Isla

Monday, October 26, 2015

My baba turned one last week. That's quite something. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by, and how much life has changed (positively) since she arrived.

I love that she is the happiest, most cheerful and enthusiastic little girl I've ever met. I love that she has so much personality, and that she just wants to share it with you all the time. She makes me smile every single day.

The birthday, as expected, was a fantastic celebration of turning one. We had balloons and birthday cake, a visit to the zoo, a family tea party, and oh so many presents to unwrap. I baked non-stop: carrot cake, cupcakes, birthday cake, banana bread, caramelised date scones, cake pops. 

We unwrapped presents in pyjamas, and ate cake with sprinkles. Isla loved all of the wrapping paper, and especially loved having so many new things to play with. A keyboard, a set of drums, some musical maracas, books (she loves books) and even some beautiful handmade things. Lucky girl.

She went hands-first into the many-layered birthday cake (good girl). She shrieked with delight at balloons. She insisted on sitting on her baby-sized scooter way past her bedtime.

We took some time off work, abandoned computers, spent time together with family.

I feel very lucky. Even though we are so far from our families, we were spoilt with cards and best wishes sent from afar - parcels from New Zealand and South Africa, gifts from Norway, and even an incredible present from a penpal in Brazil! Isla was completely spoilt. Thank you to everyone who helped brighten her birthday weekend!

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