Hello, Isla

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Our beautiful baby girl finally arrived. Phew.

Isla Gray Siddons came into the world at 16.07 on Sunday the 19th of October. She weighed 3.66kg and took 36 hours to meet us! She's amazing. She has ten little fingers and ten little toes, and was absolutely worth all of the waiting and drama.

We spent a lot of time hooked up to a machine like this that measures baby's heart rate and my contractions. I was induced on Saturday morning and went into labour shortly after. It was quite a story -- but it had a really happy ending. Here it is really, really briefly: I went through about 8 hours of labour with gas and air, and then had diamorphine when they discovered that little Isla had turned around! 6 hours later I had an epidural because she wasn't turning around ... owie. She did eventually, though. I had two and a half hours of stitches afterwards. We met almost the entire labour ward staff during her delivery because of complications, but they were all wonderful and extremely encouraging and helpful. 

Here she is with daddy. She is already very much a daddy's girl, insisting on snoozing on his chest whenever she has the chance. 

And with mommy, on day two, after she refused to eat and the hospital insisted she eat something before we were allowed to leave. 

More than one person has pointed out that "this is not a lethargic baby". That made me chuckle. She has lots of stories to tell the world, especially at 2am. Yawn! 

She is such a sweet little girl. It still surprises me sometimes that we have a baby, but it is wonderful and such a spectacular change from being pregnant. 

I have been taking photos non-stop on my phone, as you do, so many more posts coming soon! My mom and aunt are visiting us from South Africa for a week, we are being terribly spoilt with cooked suppers, lots of treats and lots and lots of presents. Christmas came early in this house!

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