Advent Calendar - Finished!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I haven't disappeared, I promise. I started maternity leave, which means that much of my time these days involves no computers (fantastic) and lots of sleeping (equally good).

And occasionally, some sewing.

Yay, finished! Pockets pressed, stitched, backed and filled. We can now have Christmas in September. Tempting though it is, we'll put a hold on the turkey for now. Baby is due any day now and we've been more focused on hospital bags than twinkling lights.

I just happened to have some small chocolates - as you do. Perfect size for advent calendar pockets. And for midnight snacks.

The larger pockets fit in quite a bit - I'd imagine you could fill these pockets with small toys or lots of coins. 

The colours are really cheerful! I'm tempted to leave it up instead of folding it away for the festive season. There's just no space. Baby stuff takes up all the space! There are blankets, onesies, toys, gadgets and gizmos, muslin squares, talcum powders, and lots of pink things everywhere. 

This is the back - I really love those penguins. They remind me of how I feel these days. Waddle waddle. 

I can identify with that. Yawn. Impromptu mobile phone photo on the way out to lunch this weekend, as you do. 

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