Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, June 23, 2014

It was my birthday this weekend, on the summer solstice. I can't remember it ever being this hot. Or this summery. Or this lovely.

Oh, and I was thoroughly spoilt. We were supposed to go up-country to visit family but alas plans had to change last minute and we ended up staying in summery London for the weekend Summery London. Have you ever heard it called that?

There was a boat trip up the Thames, an exciting day out at the National Gallery, a trip to Borough Market, adventures past the Royal Guard and of course - cake.

What's a birthday without cake? So many to choose from at our chosen cafe. 

We shared gooey chocolate cake, and drank tea from posh take-away cups. As you do. Scallops make everything look fancier, methinks.

Did I mention that the weather was superb? I am so used to a wintery birthday in the southern hemisphere, getting a weekend full of sunshine and wonderful weather was amazing. We picnicked, and ate fresh fruit under the trees (and more cake, this time home-made). We walked around barefoot. It was light until after 10pm. 

And best of all, I received phonecalls and messages and cards and parcels from around the world.

This one arrived today - look at those stamps! Isn't that special? Postage stamps are such wonderfully inefficient bits of art, they make receiving parcels such a wonderful experience. 

And finally, some birthday sewing. I haven't started yet, but Amy Butler's Weekender Bag is on my to-do list and the pattern has finally arrived after much back-and-forth with stockists. It has been called a sewing rite of passage and the mother of all bags - how very exciting. I picked out all the fabrics from Stitch, a lovely bricks-and-mortar shop a short walk away, and have traced the pattern pieces. Now, to start the cutting. There's an awful lot of cutting to do. 

Wishing you all a spectacular week ahead. I'm starting to feel much better now, the nausea seems to go away a little after 2pm each day so things are slowly getting back to normal. I'm even able to drink tea. Leaps and bounds!

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