Tilda dolls in the post!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I feel very lucky indeed.

An enormously GIANT box arrived in the post, with my name on it.

Who could it be from?

Aha! Pri! My lovely blogger friend from Brazil (you can see her blog here).

We have never actually met in person, despite regular emails and parcels flying half way around the globe. We found each other's blogs online a few months ago and have kept in touch ever since. The internet is an amazing place.

Can you believe: inside the box were not one, but two fabulous handmade Tilda dolls? This beautiful ballerina modelling a lovely floral navy blue dress and feather wings.

And this sleeping angel, ready for bed with a perfectly embroidered pillow. Again, blue. My favourite colours. This little doll lives next to my bed, like a yawny happy dreamcatcher welcoming pleasant dreams and good sleep.

Thank you Pri for these beautiful and thoughtful gifts! x

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