Sir Knight!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Non-knitters don't appreciate just how long stuff takes to make. Can you knit me a sweater? Chances are, the answer is no. Can you knit me a baby blanket? Um, if I start now, your baby will be walking by the time I'm done. Can you knit me a hat? For next winter? Can you knit me a knight helmet

Okay, for that one, I had to say yes.

Made for my excellent friend Riaan who lives far, far away in the lands of South Africa where you really do need a knight helmet to get you through the winters. Ahem, it's summer there now. But it'll last. The visor swivels up and down, as it is attached with two large buttons. It is also removable.

Granted, he looks more like a ninja in this picture, but very impressed that he posed in the sweltering summer heat and sent it along for sharing.

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