Teeny Tiny 3ply Spinning

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I've been spinning the teeniest, tiniest, thinnest Merino/Bamboo blend lace singles. So far, I've got two bobbins of 50grams each. The idea was always to spin a 3-ply sock yarn, dye it, and knit it up. 


Spinning in one colour, with bamboo, is frustrating. The bamboo isn't difficult to spin with, but you have to be really careful with your draw if you're working with two types of fibre: the merino spins beautifully by the bamboo is as slippery as a banana and will run away from you ALL THE TIME, causing you to howl in frustration as you have to rethread the fibre and get momentum again. And, because it's all white, it's really difficult to see where that end has disappeared to.

Hours of pulling on strands, trying to find a loose end. Hoping not to break anything. Grumbling when you can't find it. Husband grumbling when he is included for the Search and Rescue. 

Incidentally, I had my bobbins stacked up on my dining room table (doesn't everyone?) and they seem to go perfectly with the Unexpected Roses that arrived this week. It has even inspired me to get spinning on bobbin #3. 


I got so fed up with all the needle-in-a-haystack searching with the Teeny Tiny Singles this weekend, so I enjoyed a gratuitous afternoon of carefree spinning a comfortable DK single, incorporating all of the little lost ends from previous spinning projects, dyed tail locks, bits of glittery angelica, and tufts of leftover fibre. 

It just so happened that I have tulips to match the fibre mish-mash, too. 

This week, I'll get around to plying the two purpley-pink Leftover Bobbins which should, theoretically, leave a spare bobbin for more bamboo experimentation. 

Next time, I'm dyeing the fibre first. Huff.

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