Project Bags: A little bit of sewing

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My knitting has been rolling around and getting tangled wherever I've been sitting. On the couch. In bed. On the train. I have been looking everywhere for a yarn bowl in the UK that I actually like, but no luck yet. So, I decided on the next best thing: Small Project Bags.

Simple draw-string bags that are big enough to store two or three balls of yarn, a pattern, and some circular knitting needles. Ideal for socks.

I popped into Stitch Fabrics on my way home last week and picked up some linen, contrast cottons, and kawaii sewing-print cottons. Because, really, everyone needs something cheery to adorn their knitting bags.

I'm going through a bit of a clean-up phase at home. Everything has been sorted and stored in boxes, stacked under tables and cleared away. That does mean that some things (like my matching cotton threads) are also Stored Away in a Very Safe Place. Oh well, no-one will notice the white stitches inside, will they?

I made two bags as I usually have at least two knitting projects on the go at once. I suddenly feel the urge to make more, but these bags aren't quite big enough for BIG knitting projects so it would be silly to have a whole army of them piling up and waiting to be filled with skeins.

Wouldn't it?

I used the In Color Order Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial. It is really quick and easy to sew up, and I love the contrast panel at the top.

You could use any cottons or fabrics to put this together, but I like the linen look and I especially like that it belies a treasure trove of colour on the inside of the bag. It's like a burst of colourful surprises every time you open it up to see how far you are on your socks (or other knittery objects). I suppose you could use these bags for anything - pyjamas, lunches, spare swimming costume, little cakes, treasures. You could add buttons, applique, names, fun fabric prints.

That army of bags is forming in my head now, in neat little rows... it's only a matter of time!

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