On my knitty needles

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I collect knitting needles. Every time I visit a new town or village, I pop into their charity shops to see if they have any. I like the ones that look like they've got a story. They're pink or blue or grey, well-used, and you can't see the markings anymore because they've worn off from years of knitting.

Charity shops keep their knitting needles behind the counter. For safety, they say. They're stored away for nosey-knitting-needle-collectors who come in asking for obscure sizes. I usually pick out a few pairs to take home, but sometimes people pop in and buy the whole collection. You can never have enough knitting needles, we crazies say. The shopkeepers hum and ha, smile politely, and get out their collections.

Sometimes they keep them in large paint buckets. Sometimes they keep them in old bags. Sometimes they're wrapped up in plastic packets.

I keep mine in a vase.

They don't all live there, though. 

They're often in knits-in-progress. Like these socks, knitted on two 2.75mm circular needles.

Like this Sunshine Shawl, knitted on KnitPro 4.5mm circular needles.

Like this soon-to-be Common Bean Shawl (pattern by Caitlin ffrench) which is knitted on GIANT 8mm needles I picked up from an art shop in Bude, Cornwall. I know, do I really need to cast on another project while I've still got two on the go? 

I think you'll find the answer is why, yes.

This knitty thing has been noticed by my lovely friends and family members.

I've started receiving bundles of preloved knitting needles as gifts.

Each one is a treasure but...

I'm going to need a bigger vase.

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