Wednesday WIP: things in progress

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's been an odd old week so far. I worked last weekend, which means that my days all merge into one when it gets to next Wednesday. Is it really Wednesday already? good golly.

(In fact, while it is very nearly Wednesday, it is actually Tuesday Quite Late. We should savour these last few minutes of Tuesdayness, I say!)

Time to consider the works we have on the go and in progress.

My biggest project by far is the unpacking of household items and general goods. It's been three weeks since we've moved into our lovely new home in London. We're slowly unpacking when we find time - usually only after eating which, lately, is about 9.30pm. On weekends, when we're not out attending birthdays, dinners or drinks (is it everyone's birthday now?). Occasionally, very occasionally, early in the morning after a cup of tea but before the commute at 8am.

And so, all of my works in progress are temporarily on hold until I find all the missing bits. Until then...

Choosing buttons for baby knits.

Finding glittered flowers on a gift bag I kept from two years ago.

Tracing paper, shirt pattern and fabric all ready to go. If only I could see my sewing table under all of this!

Making clay charms out of the most lovely chalky air dry clay. 

Testing out charms against beautiful textured card. I'll post more on that later.

Admiring the way that the card colours fan out to create a rainbow of texture. Can I really cut into this?

Wishing you all well in your week. May your Fridays hasten and your Sundays be miles away. We'll get some of these projects done soon!

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