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Monday, July 29, 2013

We were (unexpectedly) whisked away to Farringdon this weekend - it's a lovely little village just outside of Oxford. We were visiting my grandparents-in-law who were, earlier this week, down in London for a family event.

I managed to get some stitching done while we were there. No TV, no pubs - just plenty of tea, great company, lots of stories, and a bit of embroidery.

If you want to stitch along with me, you can download my free "home tweet home" embroidery pattern here. Just click on the link, and then right click to save it to a folder on your computer.

I chose pinks and purples for the bird, although I think it would look lovely in browns and earthy colours, or turquoise and coral. I'm planning on making this into a panel for a patchwork cushion, so I chose colours to coordinate with the patchwork pieces I'm going to be using.

I've been adding in stitched details as I go along - a few pink running stitches for the bird's puffed out breast, simple long stitches for feather details, and some simple (aptly-named) feather stitches and colonial knots for the larger feathers.

So far so good! I think that these colours may be a tad too light for the textured linen, but we'll see. The pattern worked up really quickly. I think it took around two hours to stitch the bird and all the added details, and next up is the branch and leaves, the lettering, and the musical notes - then done!

Happy stitching! x

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