Spring Sampler Stitchery: Done!

Monday, May 13, 2013

07/12/2015 Edit to add: the template has now been updated and is hosted on flickr. Scroll down for the working link! 
10/02/2016: I've also added a link to a dropbox download for those who are struggling with flickr. Get in touch if you want it emailed to you instead. 

It was a good weekend for stitching! Spring has definitely sprung; there are spring showers, spring flowers, and lots of sunshine! I started a few new projects, stitched along on a few old projects, and finished up my Spring Sampler Stitchery while it rained.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I'm happy with the linen background, and the soft colours used in the design. I like the lazy daisies best. I had to stop myself from stitching them in all the open spaces.

I balanced out the lettering with some simple stitching here and there, and a few colonial knots for texture. This is definitely a feel it stitched piece. I mounted it in a hoop frame, stitched up the back with a running stitch around the edges, and covered it up with a green felt circle. Ready to hang!

I've had a few emails asking for the template for stitching, so you can now download the stitching template here (flickr) or here (dropbox). Add your own colours and free-hand flowers or bugs. Bugs are very spring-y. I look forward to seeing how yours turn out too!

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