Ship shape: reversible shoulder bag

Thursday, November 08, 2012

A few months ago I spied this cotton fabric in IKEA. I picked it up, loved it, and thought that I didn't need it just yet. It is 100% cotton, but has a lovely linen weave look to it. Also, there are sketched ink ships. Everything is better with ships.

If there's anything I've learnt about shopping for fabric, it's this: if you really, really want it, buy it now. It won't be there again. And in fact, even though more than a few months had passed since we last popped in - there were still a few metres left on the roll. What luck! I could only justify buying one metre, but it was enough.

This fabric was destined to be a bag. I paired it up with an unbleached cotton for the lining, and I used VeryPurplePerson's reversible bag pattern. It looks a lot like my favourite cross-body bag, but with shorter shoulder straps so it looks much neater. It's a great pattern!

I sewed it all up on Saturday while the rain was pouring, and I was enjoying some me-time listening to Lenka waxing lyrical about being everything at once. Ha, you can see my messy dining room table here. It's currently being used for many projects at once, including providing a home for my little sewing machine.

Can't. Wait. To. Move.

I included a little interior pocket (I have no intention of turning this bag inside out at any time) with an added keyring because I am so bad at losing my keys in my bag. They have a clip on them, and now I can just attach them to the same spot. Problem solved.

There's something so very satisfying about top-stitching. It means that you've done all the hard work, that the project in question has worked, everything lines up, and that you're putting the final touches on it.

And then you have a finished bag! Just like that. Top-stitched, made out of your favourite fabric, ready to use. Ha.

I rather like my new little bag. I added in a giant button and a flap to keep it all closed.

Ready to go!

Okay, to be honest, I made the bag and just hang it up on the back of my chair so I can admire it every time I walk past my desk. I haven't used it yet.

Sometimes cutting up nice fabrics is quite daunting - but sometimes,when you have something in mind for it, it all turns out quite a lot better.

If you want to make your own one, pop over to VeryPurplePerson's reversible bag pattern on her blog and download a copy of the pattern. Happy sewing!

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