Wednesday WIP: no stitches!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday seems to have come around awfully quickly this week. It has just gone 11pm, and I'm finally finishing up work for the day and have a cup of tea ready for my WIP update... and wouldn't-ya-know-it: it struck me, I haven't stitched this week. No, not even a half-cross stitch. Not a strand of embroidery floss or even the tip of a tapestry needle is to be found in the week that has just past.

My Garden Party Quilt is still neatly folded on the dining table where I left it last week. My Animal Alphabet Quilt, I'll admit, has seen some progress. I'm up to 'P' now (P is for pigs, in case you were wondering. And they're pink pigs, too) but I haven't taken any pictures of that project in ages. They'll come soon, I promise. 

Now that I think of it, I did have one project that I worked on - and finished - this week. As the newest East End Women's Institute committee member, and after opening my big mouth and suggesting something, I was recruited to make a set of committee badges. Collectively we agreed on flower corsage brooches, and I was sent off with my task. 

So, the flowers I decided to make were fabric, and purple. Lots of purple.

Here's a closer look at the front. I cut up an old faux pearl necklace to make the flower centres which I sewed through all of the layers - satin, chiffon, felt. I sewed on a safety pin to the felt to make the closure, and in a haze of "oops I completely forgot that I need these by tonight" I glued the felt to the back of the brooches and they all worked out just fine. All ten of them.

Some other things that happened this week, pictures pending:

- I visited Glasgow for the first time and poked haggis while envying a plate of neeps and tatties. There were no deep-fried Mars bars. 

- I caught up on a lot of work, gave workshops, drank tea, worked some more on my fabrics project, cooked a delicious curry, and discovered that there really is nothing nicer than coming home to the smell of freshly-baked bread...

   ... which has happened on more than one occasion this week.

- I discovered that the Central Line through London is not as reliable as you'd like it to be, but when it breaks down and traps you inside for 45 minutes, don't give up and make a run for it when the doors finally open. Keep calm and carry on - the train will probably resume in the next half an hour or so and you won't have to walk for 25 minutes in the dark. 

- I listened to John-Paul Flintoff (here) talk about changing the world, one small step at a time. It was fabulous. His home-sewn shirt was remarkably perfect. 

That brings us to late, and if I carry on writing, this will be a Thursday update instead of a Wednesday one! Perhaps tomorrow you shall have another blog post with pictures of Glasgow, 400 bottles of whisky and giant Chupa Chups. Until then, good night - and may your dreams be filled with all things wonderful.

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