Red Sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yesterday was frantic. In fact, this week has been frantic and hectic and all things -ic. But sometimes, in amidst all the frenetic to-and-fro you have a moment.

This was my moment. I was walking to our Knit & Natter, a little late, had just come off of the sardine-packed tube, and was being pulled along the pavement with the crowds. The sky was lit up like a lightly toasted marshmallow with a roasty spires and trees burnt into the bit where you've gone too close to the fire. The twinkling car lights and street lamps instantly reminded me so much of the glow worms we used to get in the bottom of our garden when I was very little. It was like looking at the world with warm, rose-tinted glasses.

I stopped to take a picture and lo! somehow, everything just stopped for a second.

You'd never know that there was a queue of buses behind me, that people were shoving and shouting as they competed to get on first. That I was just a little late for the start of the natter. That my phone was frantically ringing. That the taxis were honking and stopping willy nilly on the side of the road. Sometimes photos are nice like that - they leave off things you'd rather not have in a picture.

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