Jubilee Weekend

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy Jubilee, all! It's been a lovely long weekend with four days of rainy fun. It was a particularly wonderful weekend full of happy London locals, lots of new people around who happened upon London for the Jubilee celebrations, and many many umbrellas.

Here's what we did this weekend:

We went to a concert. It was incredible! Thin Lizzy opened for Guns n' Roses (oh, that apostrophe bothers me), it all went on for ages and we got home at 4.30am after a £35 cab ride home. That was more than the ticket! It was worth it though.

I baked. These are my butterfly cakes I baked for the JubiTEA party with the EEWI at Fabrications on Broadway Market. I had to get up at 8am after my late, er, morning. The market was jubilant (how fitting) and the whole of London (including the market) is absolutely covered in Union Jacks and the tell-tale red, white and blue. I'll post more pics on this later.

I started a new project. I bought this magazine (on the right) long before I had even thought about cross-stitching because I knew I'd absolutely had to make one of those beautiful Moroccan cushions. The pattern says it'll take approximately 35 hours of stitching to complete the top of one cushion...

I received a gift in the post!  Isn't it lovely? Plus, it comes with everything you need to knit Cooey the London Pigeon. More on that later!

I finished a project. I finished my three patches for the Abbey Gardens Community Picnic Rug. I'll show you some pictures soon. This is the finished package, with one of my lovely carrot brooches. Incidentally, how do you like my new business cards? Cute, eh?

I sewed. This is the start of my Garden Party quilt. I don't know the first thing about quilting, so I'm relying on a lot of lovely people from the blog community online, and a lot of video tutorials! So far I've collected my favourite fabrics, agonised over the colour combinations, cut out 5" squares, and sewn them together. I'm attempting a disappearing nine patch quilt: so far so good.

All in all: a really good weekend. I think we should have these four-day soirées more often!

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