Summer sewing: Tilda Flowerpatch Purse

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer is definitely here. The temperatures in Ye Olde London Town have been soaring into the high 20s and I daresay they've reached the low 30s too. The tube has been crammed full of short skirts and water bottles, and there are more sunglasses for sale than ever before. The flowers are out in bloom and people are being Very Cheery Indeed. 

All of this summer finery calls for a bit of sewing. I'll tell you more about my amazing new sewing machine in a later post, when I get around to clearing up my table and taking a nice photograph for you. Suffice to say, I have a Brand New Sparkling Sewing Machine of the Janome variety, and it's lovely

Nothing says 'summer' like a bit of fancy Tilda designer fabric (this one is Tilda Flowerpatch Teal). I love the duck egg blue, lime and teal colour combination here, and I especially love that there are hydrangeas in the background. 

This is a very clever little beginner pattern (from Tilda's Homemade Ideas Magazine, issue 1). You cut out all the purse shapes, sew the bits together, and then stuff the lining inside the purse-y bit to create a flappy, fold-over purse that secures with a light blue toggle.

Here's the end result. I have no idea what I'm going to use it for. It's quite strong, so I suppose it could be good for keys or coins, but it's far too nice to keep locked away in a bag all day. For now, I'll leave it out on my sewing table (also known as a dining room table) for a bit of cheery colour.

Did you spy the Dottie Doll on the left of that magazine? 

Here's a close-up of the the flappy bit. The flap opens up in a sort of purse-shaped tube with the lining inside. 

Lining! Neatly sewed, neatly pressed, toggle-clasped lining. I did that. 

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