Alan Dart's Knitted Cake Toppers

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our wedding is in three weeks, and with moments to spare, I was introduced to these beeeeyoootiful wedding cake toppers by the lovely Pennie Roberts. They're actually part of a wedding cake pattern by Alan Dart, a toy-knitting guru. I saw them. I wanted them. I ordered the yarn.

And then I told The Groom. It went something like ...

"Hi. You know you said you wanted cake toppers? Well... what do you think about knitted cake toppers?"
"Stace. Are you mad?"

My heart sunk. I had ordered the yarn already. It was too late. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought. In recent weeks I've been talking a lot about knitted tea cosy patterns, and in the wedding excitement, the groom thought I was trying to cover our wedding cake up with an oversized knitted tea cosy.

This is the original pattern (available on Alan's website for £2.50). As you can see, I made quite a few adjustments to make them look more like us. I gave the bride little white sleeves and a less-traditional hairstyle. I changed the flowers for a simpler variety (more akin to what we'll have on the day) and I left out the veil completely. The groom got taller and swapped trousers for kilt with matching sporran and kilt hose. His waistcoat became black, as it really is, and I gave him a high-necked dress shirt with a black bow tie.

I also used chunkier coloured yarn for the faces to make them a bit more fun, although I may change this later. The only thing left to do is sew on pearl seed beads for earrings, and silver seed beads for waistcoat buttons, but I'll do this at home as I don't have any of those here.

The pattern was very easy to knit up in a day but the sewing up took a bit longer. I also had to improvise a skirt-like pattern for the groom's kilt, knit in alternate bottle green and navy blue to create a Graham of Menteith tartan replica. I'll take a better photograph of this at the wedding so you can see it!

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