Cake Boy

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I've been zooting around London these last few weeks covering some interesting stories and reviewing restaurants (ah the life of a freelance journalist!), and I thought I'd share this one with you. I had to head down to Battersea this week to review Cake Boy - Eric Lanlard's patisserie and cake emporium.

Now, Battersea is not exactly close. In fact, it took me about 45 minutes to zoot over there on various buses and trains. I had built up expectations (and a hunger), and I was very much hoping that the famous Cake Boy was going to deliver.

... and look at those cakes! I was drawn to the pastries at the back, of course, but you can always judge a cake shop on the amount of love they put into a cupcake so that's a good place to start. 

I had a lemon cupcake. It was a zingy lemony sponge with some sort of fruit (sugared lemon pieces?), topped with lemon buttercream, white chocolate shavings and edible yellow glitter. I must admit: I was expecting an awkward dry sponge masked with lashings of buttercream but I was pleasantly surprised by a moist and fruity sponge (with lashings of icing!). It was particularly good.

The muffins looked good too - I like that they're very nonchalantly iced or topped in a messy way that looks scrumptious (and after tasting a Cake Boy cupcake, I'm sure they will be). 

They also have a section set aside for cake-making and decorating classes where you learn how to make Cake Boy favourites with the man himself. Plus, at £50.00 a class where you get to take home 12 cupcakes, it seems like a bargain. Only, what would you do with 12 cupcakes?

Cake Boy might be set out on the far reaches of Battersea but it is at least inside the beautiful new development of Battersea Reach which is a rather trendy waterside development that is particularly nice on a summery day. We seem to having a few of those lately - can you believe it, in London?! Anyway - come rain or shine - it's the kind of place you want to visit when you have an hour or two to spend enjoying something tasty with a good book (or a bit of writing work, for that matter).

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