Quiet and cosy

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


She is amazing. She laughs and giggles and rolls about, delighted with the world around her. She is ticklish and curious, and babbles along with songs and stories. 

She has just discovered toys, and how to hold them. It's amazing to be allowed into her little world of discovery, excitement and happiness. 

We've had visitors - and we've been away too - so crafting has been minimal. 

Instead, we've been walking, and sightseeing with friends and visitors.

This baby has been all over London and further afield in England. She's a well-travelled little lady with a well-used raincoat.

We enjoyed some of the sights we hadn't yet seen. This one in particular. There's something rather wonderful about wandering the streets inside the Tower of London, following our very own Yeoman tour guide.

Still, I haven't been entirely without craft. A bit of knitting with cables in front of the fireplace while on holiday in the countryside; these pieces destined to be a cardigan for dad. Perhaps it'll be done by next winter.

Some lazy spinning on quiet days at home, mixing a few of my favourite colours together in anticipation of some navajo plying (soon, very soon).

Lucky, lucky me. 

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  1. Hello Stacey!

    How beautiful your baby!

    Oh very sweet!


  2. Your joy in your little one is totally infectious. This has made a dull day shiny bright.

  3. Hi Stacey! This is Rosario from Spain . I'm happy for finding you blog. You have a lovely daughter, omg she is so pretty!!
    I stay following you.
    Big Hug

    Entre lazos y abalorios


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