I cannot brain today.

Friday, February 13, 2015

This is how I feel these days. I think they call it "baby brain". There's a lot of not-sleeping, bottle-washing, baby-feeding, baby-bathing, washing and overall frazzledness. I get to knit a few rows every now and then, and I am oh-so-slowly rearranging my office/craft room to make it baby friendly so we can spend a few afternoons there. Progress is slow. Sewing and quilting are distant but happy memories.

I am very grateful that my phone has internet for late-night craft inspiration and of course, much pinning on Pinterest. Time for crafting is a distant memory ... for now, I have to craft (pin) vicariously). Is anyone else mad about pom poms? I want a pom pom rug, and pom pom bunting, and pom pom bunnies. Oh, Pinterest. I salute you.

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I may have just ordered some pom pom makers in a fit of 4am online shopping and craftlessness while baby was awake and coo-ing. Thank goodness for Amazon. I justified it thus: I shall get through my enormous yarn stash AND feel creative at the same time. It's a win-win situation, really.

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  1. Yes! Pompom! Everything else will pass and the pompoms will remain :)

  2. Sounds about normal with a baby :) They're amazingly gorgeous and keep you oh sorry busy :)
    Just saw the previous post......she is sooooooo cute!!!

    1. Lol.....oh so busy....not sorry :D autocorrect!

  3. Time gradually comes back. I now consider it the height of luxury that I can now knit or crochet in front of my 2 year old dd, I daren't risk sewing as she makes the odd random grab and sewing needles are a tad sharper than knitting needles. Mind you, I wouldn't try lace, lol,

  4. There is something so very jolly and optimistic about a pom pom. I bought a heart shaped maker with the aim of making some for today but haven't quite got the hang of it.

    Have a soothing day.x

  5. OH yes! BB brain.... that's bc you need to REALLY focus on your BB. But this too shall change. Hang int here. I have 3 (now adults) and I remember being up w the birds, and then at 4PM still being in my bathrobe and wondering what happened to my day.
    It does get better.

  6. Oh, the memories your post brings. I know it may seem silly to say, but enjoy these days. They fly by too quickly.


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