Noodlehead's Diaper Keeper

Saturday, January 03, 2015

That is a totally weird blog title, but I haven't lost my marbles: I promise. The "diaper keeper" is one of those projects making the rounds on the internet as a must have gift for new mums. It is, essentially, a pouch that holds baby wipes and a stack of nappies that can be stashed in your bag for quick on-the-go nappy changes.

The idea is that you can just grab one of these when you're heading out for a quick visit or outing, and you don't need to worry about taking along your whole baby gear bag with every-essential-under-the-sun.


Here's a link to the tutorial on the Noodlehead blog, which explains the first bit of that blog title. I didn't call her that: she chose the name herself. Promise.

It has a velcro strap covering the top which means you can see at a glance how many poopy nappies you can handle when you're off for a walk in the park. 

Also, it takes a whole massive wipes pouch (even though the tutorial says that it will hold a travel wipes pouch). A full wipes pouch is giant, presumably in anticipation of many nappies that require changing. And hands that need cleaning. And foodstuffs that need wiping up. And mums that need cleaning while doing all of these tasks. 

I made two. They're quick and easy to make up, and that means that we can have one of these in dad's emergency car bag, and one in my everyday-use bag. The fabric matches the bags; I was in a matchy-matchy mood, had some leftover panels, and figured that we might as well personalise them. Aw. 

Very easy boxy construction with separate fronts and backs, and a separate lining. I think they took about an hour and a half to piece together, sew up and finish (for both). I didn't have any webbing so I made the straps using leftover bits of linen folded over a piece of batting - just like the straps of the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag. Quick and easy.

I used quite a soft batting as I had loads spare, but they still hold their shape when empty. I was a bit careless when matching up the seams on the side panels, but that doesn't bother me - they're only out by a few millimetres and I don't even notice it now. The only (remotely) tricky part of this sewing project is attaching the lining to the bag exterior: if you're even a little bit lazy with your measuring (ahem), you get tiny little puckers in the seam where they don't match up. 

I think these would be really nice with am all-over print instead of the zakka linen-and-canvas look, and might be more recognisably baby-ish if you used a fun children's print. Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with myself and they've been super useful for dashing out when you don't want to take the whole baby bag or you forget. Which, is often. I'm blaming it on baby brain.

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  1. Those really are super useful Stacey! Wish I had had them when my littles were babies!


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