Sock Blockers (say that five times fast!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The socks are done, and have been waiting patiently to be blocked. You don't have to block your socks, but, as with all knitting, they're oh-so-much-nicer when they are.

I scoured shops and online resources for hours looking for the right sock blockers. I knew I didn't want acrylic, and I definitely didn't want single sock blockers. Why do so many people sell sock blockers in singles? Why doesn't my local yarn shop stock these as standard? I originally decided on these sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe (also sold in singles) but the postage ended up costing more than the sock blockers. Not good.

Then I discovered The Woodland Turnery  (their Folksy shop here). They were closed for the holiday season so I placed my order through their website. Joan called me and organised everything - and within a few days, I had received two sets of beautifully handmade sock blockers through the post. She even chose the designs for me.

Medium sock blockers for me. 

Large sock blockers for him. 

The socks (raveled here) are knitted in Regia self-striping 6-ply yarn, using the Purl Bee's Men's Socks for Giving Away pattern. Now, I need to cast on some socks for me so that I can use the medium-sock-blockers-of-amazingness. Ahem.

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