Looking closely

Friday, January 24, 2014

Even in the most tired of times, where everything seems to be just "work, work, work" and you're feeling low, it just takes a little bit of energy to remember that there are really beautiful things to be found all around you. 

This blue railing in Victoria Park, on an afternoon walk. Very late afternoon, getting dark. 

Matchy gold teapots and tea cups in a cafe in Hackney. My friend, taking tea with me, had peppermint tea in a peppermint-coloured pot. As you do.

A glass filled with pretty blossoms. It's winter, but it feels like spring.

Knitting in a cafe on a Friday morning. Because we can.

Hand-lettered signs, with the pencil guides still showing.

Bicycle spokes decal cheering up a London Fields window.

Luminous yellow yarn with bright red teapots.

Sliced oranges in water, stainless steel taps.

This week, I challenged myself to carry my camera with me when I go out, and to take a single photo of something beautiful. Sometimes,when things look glum, you just have to look closely

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