A Cornish New Year

Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Year!

We've been away, adventuring along the Cornish Coast and enjoying lazy afternoons in front of a fire.

It was time to get away, to recharge, to re-evaluate and to reconsider the New Year. To live differently, for a short time.

Did you make New Year's Resolutions? This year, after much consideration, my resolution is to finish things. Not just projects and WIPS (although there are very many of those waiting in a queue!) but also to stop putting things off. Clean it up now. Make a change now. Do things differently now.

It all sounds like a lot of effort.

But it also feels very important to do this now.

A time, I think, to get back to myself and to sort out all of the yuckiness that happened this year. A time to look at what's important, and what's not important.

There was very little cellphone reception, and we spent many lazy afternoons indoors in front of the fireplace, curled up in a blanket, knitting and reading. 

(Okay, to be fair, I was doing all the knitting. My five companions were reading. Technically, it counts.)

There were a lot of storms, a lot of flooding. Thunder and lightning. Torrential rain and hail.

Afterwards, there was a lot of mud. There's something very reassuringly earthy about mud.

We played games. Uno, scrabble. Something called The Magic Tooth Fairy Game. There were books, discussions, debates, and most importantly - laughter.

Who needs TV?

I could have stayed all month, all year. I could have easily given up my job, my commitments. I entertained the idea, briefly, of becoming a full-time spinner and knitting instructor. And why not?

But, this year is taking it's own direction. It has already set off. There are a lot of exciting things coming our way, if we choose to accept the opportunities and possibilities. Where will this year take you?

I've missed blogging, missed your emails and comments, missed this little corner of the blogosphere. 

It's good to be back.

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  1. I love your boots in the Mud! great picture really! I don't make resolutions, but strife to change a little. I am a messy, unorganized person, so I try to do a little more each day to get things accomplished. then suddenly I will be on a roll!
    Last yr was a hard yr, w family illnesses, this yr who knows? I just try to roll w the punches.

    1. I love that – “roll with the punches”! It’s my husband’s resolution this year. He’s trying to be less uptight, and more “go with the flow”. Very admirable.

      I totally identify with 2013; let's hope that 2014 will be a FANTASTIC year with lots of positive opportunities :) x


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