Weekend Reading

Monday, July 01, 2013

The weekend passed really quickly. In a flash of work and unpacking, it is suddenly Monday. I did find a moment to wander down to my new local library which is rather quite lovely. It is quite literally around the corner, and you can either choose to walk past a lovely little cafe or a pretty fabric shop on the way.

The library is small, but cosy. It has a futuristic machine right smack-bang in the middle of the shelves that works a bit like self-checkout; you put your books down in a pile, it scans them all at once, and suddenly you are presented with a printed receipt that tells you (a) you are entitled to take out 12 books at once, (b) you only need to bring your chosen books back in three weeks' time and (c) you have a nice a day, now.

While browsing the knitting shelves, as you do, I happened upon this: Tech Knits, from Retro to Space Rockets. Tempting, and very apt considering their method of book-checkout. Retro and Space Rockets earns this library my vote.

I left with a stack of bird books for a series of drawings I'm working on, and an armful of inspirational books for stitching and home-making. I judged them all by their covers. I didn't take out a single novel or "thinking book". It was all quite liberating.

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