A Fair Isle Update

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The weather-lady said that there'd be showers and thunderstorms this weekend. She fibbed. England is still a fair isle, full of sunshine and gentle breezes. Flowers are wilting. People are suntanning. Women are walking around in strapless dresses, soaking up the sunshine as if we were in Caribbean or else on the summery shores of Cape Town. This is the summer of 2013.

And from one fair isle to the next. My little cardigan is coming along nicely with all the late-night stitching. I rather like the bulky yoke of this little cardigan; it's like a layer of warmth that has a built-in scarf for the winter time. It's hard to think that we've ever had a need for cardigans in England, but that's the norm - not the exception.

The reverse of the fair isle yoke is looking quite neat,with each carried thread tucked neatly under its partner as I've stitched along the pattern of hugs and kisses. I changed the colours on a whim; a slightly darker olive green forms the body of the Os and Xs, the pale blue is replaced by ecru, and gone is the striking winter white: it's now pale pink. 

I'm looking forward to finishing this bit so I can see whether my tension has worked out okay. A few more rows, then time to cast off. Tally ho.

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  1. hello!
    Your work is very beautiful!
    embrace with affection


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