Papercuts and Poppies

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I've been (slowly) working on a papercut for a friend's little baby - due in two more sleeps!

I typeset and drew it on the computer, then perforated it with my silhouette and finally cut out the details by hand - they were fiddly. The silhouette did not love this fibrous type of card, so it took SIX times to get it right! Grr. Still, I persevered, and I rather like the result. I'm planning to mount the white papercut against textured pink card stock, and then mount the whole thing inside a white shadowbox frame.

Do you remember these baby cardigans I've had blocking in my living room for the last week? Kayla's getting a pink one all wrapped up in ribbons.

Speaking of which. What is a gift without the perfect packaging? This is my favourite bit, I think. I recently redrew my shop logo by hand using a fountain pen and watercolours, but it's just oh-so pretty that I thought it would make a nice little sticker for Miss K. I replaced the bakercourt "b" with custom text for Kayla and ran off a set of stickers which are going to go all over her present. Because I can.

I really like my new logo! It's very girly, which (according to someone I esteem considerably) is surprisingly my style. It's a sort of poppy wreath with ditsy whatnots and plenty of watercolour splodges. I have a whole lot of exciting shop-related things happening here over the next two weeks, then lots to reveal once I manage to catch my breath - and get rid of this awful headache! Time for tea, methinks.

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  1. That card is very lovely indeed, and what perseverance you have.

    Poppies are among my favourite flowers which is a good thing considering how they grow freestyle everywhere in my allotment!

    1. Oh I do love poppies, they're such cheery flowers - like little faces! Peonies too, which are like the Martha Stewart of the poppy world. (I don't know if they're related, but they should be!) x


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