Wednesday WIP: Summer Pelisse

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do you remember the Jane Austen Knits Summer Pelisse? Well, I ran out of yarn.

I knew I would, but I still waited until the very last stitch to admit that I had to buy another ball.

Finally, it arrived by post, and I was able to finish off the last few rows on the sleeves.

And then, I blocked it. My "blocking mat" is a cardboard packaging box. It is really easy to pin and keeps your knitting nice and straight!

Look at all of those lacy up-and-down chevrons! Some of them are neat, some of them aren't. I'm okay with that.

You can really see the pattern now that it has been blocked. Very pleased. It's amazing what a difference this last step makes to an entire garment, whatever you're knitting. 

Next up: sew the seams, attach the sleeves, find a ribbon and make some buttons. Phew.

Overall pattern impression: well pleased.

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