A Joyful Noise

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The days don't have enough hours in them.

One minute you're zipping around town and getting work done. The next, you're in the kitchen finishing up supper or baking something on-demand. 

Where do all the in-between bits go? 

It sometimes all gets a bit much.

In a rare moment this past weekend, I sat down with a lovely friend of mine to do some stitching. This is a teeny weeny stitcheroo, designed to hang on the wall. It's going to be a tea cup, and is for a very special friend of mine who lives on the other end of the world. We don't meet up nearly enough for tea. 

A friend of mine says, when in doubt make a joyful noise. I think that applies to everything. When things get a bit much, you know what to do. Put the kettle on, get out the stitching, and make a joyful noise.

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  1. oh do I know what you mean. I need some joyful noises. I'll do some stitching tonight instead, though even that has a deadline and so is slightly stressful.

    1. I'm going to be stitching along with you in solidarity! Be sure to have plenty of tea on demand, and the occasional eye-candy on the TV to make stitching deadlines easier to deal with!! x


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