A Knitty Update: Summer Pelisse

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Summer Pelisse is coming along nicely - I've knitted the right front, and I'm almost done with the back. Next up: cast off the back and knit the right front before moving onto sleeves.

I'm still not in love with this colour. Last night, before bed, I was trying out heaps of different ribbon colours against the bodice to see which one would do best for the threaded embellishment (it goes through the eyelets above the lace). The eyelets definitely make this a Jane Austen Knits garment.

After all of my colour concern and lack of matching ribbons, I ended up falling asleep having dreams about the colour morphing into a deep burgandy yuckness that wouldn't do at all. I had to get up and double-check that it was still pink(ish) in the morning. Phew. Still suitable for a little girl, mostly.

So far, so good. I love knitting with these needles, and the 100% cotton yarn looks really neat when your stitches are all the same size. That's one of my favourite things about knitting. It's a bit like having piles of neatly-folded clothes, or colour-coordinated fabric. Or labelled containers in your grocery cupboard.

Not that I do all of these things. 

Not really.

I'm definitely going to need more yarn. That little bundle in the picture above is all that's left from two balls and isn't going to stretch to make two sleeves. 

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