Wednesday WIP: Up & Away

Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's Thursday. I know.

I my defence, I didn't have computer access yesterday, and I did try to post this blog post last night using about a thousand mobile thingy-whatsits. It just wasn't meant to be. It's a "Wednesday WIP" in spirit.

And so, here's my progress. I changed the colours a little bit and have decided to use the mint green instead of lime green. I like it. The stars along the top alternate in bursts of pink and yellow, and then there's another row of the pink sea waves in blue.

It's coming along rather well, despite the frequent colour-changes and details. I do feel that the scalloped detail along the bottom of the balloon might need to be outlined, it seems to get lost in the oatmeal canvas.

In other news: my mother-in-law leaves London today. We're going to jet off this morning to do last-minute visits, and then it's up, up and away. The luggage scale is going to be put to good use, there will be a lot of repacking, there will definitely be a few tears, and I plan on taking my balloon stitchery for the ride. More updates soon!

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  1. Can your final Up and Away post collect all the in progress photos together? Perfect syllabic verse by the way: The stars along the top alternate in bursts of pink and yellow.

  2. Also - oatmeal canvas, even your sewing - like I - hankers to your baking.


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